Beard oils – The key to a healthy-looking beard

Bearded men have always had this appealing, commanding and manly feeling about them, that made them stand out amongst the crowd. It was like that in the past, and it is also right now. However, not every beard is equally attractive and appealing. Only well-groomed and grown beards can earn their attractive status and moniker. Usually, most men only know about keeping the facial hair combed and well-trimmed, and that is pretty much it. They do not realize that having a healthy and shiny beard takes a bit more effort, and this is exactly where a beard oil comes into play.

The oil

You probably know about beard oils, but if you have a beard that you are not satisfied with, it is highly likely that you are not using one. A beard oil is, basically, a moisturizer that is specifically designed for the grooming of facial hair. You need to keep in mind that facial hair is coarser than the hair on top of your head. Because of that, it requires a lot more attention in order to look beautiful and maintained.

The ingredients

hdhd84The majority of beard oils use exclusively natural ingredients such as almond oil, castor, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, argan oil and many other. The best beard oils also contain significant amounts of essential oils and Vitamin E, to give the beard a beautiful scent. Since these oils are made for men, beard oils commonly use essential oils that are considered manly and masculine, such as peppercorn, bay essential oils, lime, cedarwood, sandalwood, etc. If you want to know more, you can visit this page and see the best beard oil.

When should you use it?

Keep in mind, though, that, when using the oil, you should only use a few drops of it. Also, make sure to use it after showering or cleansing. This is important, because after taking a shower, your hair follicles and pores are open, and can absorb the oil much mo easily, thus giving the beard that shiny, healthy and luminous look.

Aside from making your beard look beautiful, using a beard oil will also have a plethora of other positive effects on your facial hair.

Other benefits

1. Beard flakes are kept at bay because the oil nourishes the facial hair. These flakes are basically like dandruff and can make the beard look unsightly.

2. The moisturizing oil will also nourish the skin under the beard, as well. Men usually neglect this area, thinking that it is not important. To benefit from the ingredients, you should just slowly massage the oil into the skin.

3. Beard oils also contain pure oils, which possess highly anti-inflammatory properties. This can greatly help in taking care of irritation problems and reducing the itching that many bearded men experience.


4. A beard oil will also make your beard much easier to manage and control, due to the fact that its ingredients can soften the texture of your facial hairs. If you are someone, who likes his beard long and combed, a beard oil will make it much less prone to tangling.

5. It keeps your facial hair regularly hydrated and makes it look healthier. To achieve this, make sure to use oils with 100% natural ingredients.

6. You can also use it as a cologne, so as to give your beard that masculine appealing smell.

7. Last, but not least, a beard oil can also be highly effective as a styling agent, especially if you sport a longer beard. With it, you can freely comb your facial hair in any direction, without having to worry about stray hair.

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