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Detection of Adulterations in Drug Testing

A workforce hooked on drugs affects the productivity of an organization or country. They can also endanger the safety and lives of their colleagues. Regularly checking employees for drug use has become a new trend when trying to achieve a workplace free of drugs. The only way to avoid detection is to manipulate the detection test. The urine cup tests have the highest likelihood of test adulterations given that the actual samples collected cannot be observed. Today, drug testing companies have discovered how some of these tests are manipulated. To counteract such discrepancies, they have developed an additional test that can detect common adulterants present in manipulated test results. This means the testing administrators will detect illicit drugs and adulterants in the urine sample.


toiletWhy should we Test for Adulterants?

Adulterants are the most effective cover up when trying to unravel a drug problem in the workplace. Any employee who uses the test frequently to hide their drug situation will be putting the company at risk. Some of the risks that arise from their behavior are benign but significantly add up with time. Some of the common behaviors among drug abusers are frequent absenteeism, frequent breaks that extend beyond your scheduled timeframe, and failure to take responsibility for missing deadlines. The presence of reasonable suspicion increases the likelihood of a drug test is administered. Receiving accurate results is the only way to authenticate the lapsed focus in the individual. Adulterants come in different forms and are either added into the urine before or after collecting the sample. Their presence alters the properties of the original sample. To understand the impact of drug use in the workplace, you must understand its impact in the workplace. Briefly described is information on some of the adulterant affecting urine drug tests.


Common Adulterants are Taken before Testing


Synthetic Urine

It is surprising that there is a market for synthetic urine out there. The main clients are those who are trying to pass a drug test. One of the approaches taken by testing administrators is this. The fake urine is maintained at warm temperatures to register on the temperature indicators. It is difficult distinguishing between human and synthetic urine as they have a similar volume, PH and level of creatine. Going by online synthetic urine expert reviews, they recommend Quick Fix 6.2.

Real Urine by someone else

As shocking as it seems, this is true. Urine that is drug-free can be bought and kept warm enough to maintain its freshness. Afterward, it is snuck back into the testing room and set on the testing cup – right where another person’s urine rests. The only way to detect that the urine sample is not of the just tested person is by checking for a temperature variance.


urineWater and Detox Pills

Some use the detox formula to flush out their body system of any drugs. At times the opposite happens creating complications as the water pills might register as adulterants. Remember, these pills leave behind chemical traces that are hardly present in urine. Compounds introduced are nitrite, peroxide, peroxidase among others.



Advances in drug testing enable easy detection of adulterants. Testing administrators can authenticate the validity of their results with ease.

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