Situations when you should not Use CBD Oil

CBD is becoming so popular among people each day, and not everyone knows when and when not to use CBD Oil products. Therefore, it is always advisable to visit your doctor for a proper checkup and determine what kind of CBD products and dosages you should take. In some situations, one is entirely not allowed to interact with any CBD products.  Although there are numerous situations where you can use cbd oil including cbd for sex, there are some situations that are an exception. The following are some of the conditions and problems when one should not use CBD Oil products:

Where one is Pregnant

Pregnancy is one critical situation; when one is in this condition is not allowed to use any CBD product, even those with the lowest THC levels. No research has been done between healthy pregnant women and CBD; therefore, it is not recommendable. Since everything a pregnant woman takes directly reaches the fetus, studies show that CBD products are likely to affect the fetus’s brain development. Furthermore, some CBD products might be containing contaminants that are not good for your baby’s development. One should get a doctor’s advice on products they can use to substitute CBD.

While Breastfeeding

No research and studies have been conducted on the effects of CBD products on lactating mothers. However, medical professionals and experts are against the whole idea of using any CBD products when one is breastfeeding. Some research shows that all the hemp-related products can easily pass to the infant baby through breast milk, and therefore, it is believed to have the potential to affect the baby. Additionally, CBD products can cause too much sleep or slight intoxications, which is not right, especially when carrying the baby.

When taking heart medications

Despite CBD being able to manage some heart-related problems, it is not recommendable for use with other heart medications or when one is still under medication. There are two heart medications commonly used: CPY3A4 and CYP2D6; CBD can inhibit these medications’ pathways, therefore slowing down the metabolization of the heart anticoagulant. Therefore there might be bleeding cases in the heart; thus essential to consider different alternatives to CBD when under heart medications.

Final thoughts

Even though CBD has been recognized as having many health benefits, you must always be careful. More insisting on doctor’s consultations and recommendations will help reduce the body’s adverse reactions to CBD products. So far, there is no such proof to make CBD products safe for human use. Therefore, until researchers come with concrete evidence to support their claims, CBD is not a medicine but a supplement.

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